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McDonald’s Now Has A Fan Club For The Quarter Pounder

McDonald’s has always come up with some pretty unique gimmicks. From the “Happy Meal” to running the unsuccessful Monopoly Game, they’ve always found some way to keep things interesting. Now they have something else going on that might catch your eye. And it’s something only a real fan of the Quarter Pounder is going to want. Or someone who loves collecting weird fast food memorabilia.

They have started selling the merchandise on their McDonald’s Merch site. There you can find all kinds of things from Pins to shirts. Bumper stickers that say, “I’d rather be eating a quarter pounder with cheese.” Along with other really weird stuff like a couples quarter pounder mitten set. They actually had a pretty cool locket that is sold out.

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They also have a 2020 calendar which is kind of like those sexy firemen calendars, only with sexy cheeseburgers?

Really no matter how you like to show your love for something they have it. And you can get something as a gag gift or wear it ironically, or genuinely love it. No one’s going to judge you except maybe your family, but you should be used to that by now. Anyway it’s happening and there’s no stopping it now.

You can check out the full collection for the Quarter Pounder merch by clicking the link here. Happy shopping!

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