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Andes Mint Ice Cream Sandwich Making An Appearance

Now it’s no surprise that I love Andes Mints. Honestly if I ever have a chocolate craving I just reach for one of those bad boys. And I don’t really like mint flavored things to be honest. But this came across my Instagram feed.
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Holy cow, an iced creme sandwich?! AN ANDES MINT ICE CREAM SANDWICH! Normally I am not one for ice cream, but I will make a darn exception. Now there is no exact location or place to find them, but people have been reporting in from Indiana, Nevada, Pennslyvania, Virginia, Ohio, Illnois, Maryland, Maine, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, South Carolina, Michigan, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. So basically middle east coast. Now if I can find them in California, then I am in business!

If you see these in the wild please email us and let us know where you found them! Or tell us in the comments!

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