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These Charcoal Skulls Will Surely Brighten Up Any BBQ This Summer

Honestly, I love a good bbq, I am just not a fan of bbq sauce (don’t @ me). Nothing like having a few beers with some friends over an open fire after gorging yourself silly on potato salad and hamburgers. The crackling fire, the cool heated crisp wind, and the charcoal that is shaped like skulls burning ever so bright.

Yeah you read that right, skulls in the shape of charcoal.

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The genius behind this goes by the name of Sekisadamu he randomly came up with this idea and showcased his artwork at the Wonder Festival in Chiba, Japan. He tweeted out that he would be selling his creation;

“Wonder Festival Winter 2019 Menu | Table 7-28-06 | New work | Skull charcoal | 1500 JPY / ea. | I’ll bring more than 200 of them | They’re made of 100% plant-derived ingredients | I’ll put a heap of them on my bonfire stand, so choose the one you’d like. | I think it’s the first time for this material at Wonder Festival. Please read the instruction manual and use them properly.”

People went nuts and he sold out in less than an hour and the demand for this product skyrocketed. And now you can get your hands on it as well by going to this link. Honestly these are so amazing looking I am gonna have to get some for myself. Nothing like showing your dominance to your neighbors then by lighting a few skulls on fire.

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