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Atari Themed Hotels Are Coming To Eight Different Locations

If you’re a child of the 80’s or have parents that were either children or teenagers then, I know for a fact you’ve got somewhere in your home an Atari station right now. I know my parents have them, well I know my dad still has his. I used to play Qbert until my fingers hurt and I still don’t know if I even played it right to this day.

Nevertheless Atari holds a special place in my heart, it did introduce me to video games after all. And we still don’t talk about the ET game that came out, you know the one that was buried in the desert for reasons.

Like a Phoenix Atari has risen from the ashes. And this time it will be bringing Atari themed gaming hotel. Yes Atari will be having their own gaming themed hotels. They will be coming to eight different us locations. locations such as Phoenix, Austin, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle. But why is that hotel? It seems that they are trying to get their hands into the esport gaming community.

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If you didn’t know esports are a big attraction. We’re players come from all over the world to specified venues to compete one-on-one in venues such as Evolution that takes place every year in Las Vegas. 

The hotels of course will have everything that you would possibly assume would come with the hotel. Restaurants, bars, movie theaters, gym and pools, and a huge esport arena as well (possibly) but since this is a licensing deal Atari probably will not have any say in the design of the hotel. Atari has also received in advance $600,000 for licensing their brand what you know is no chump change either.

All I can say is when these are finally built I’m going to have to take a trip over to San Francisco not only to visit friends but to also check out this brand new hotel.

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