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We’re Going to Get New DeLoreans Soon!

A few years back there was talk about bringing back the DMC 12. Unfortunately due to regulations that wasn’t going to be possible. But now since some things have changed. Now we may finally be able to get our very own Back to the Future car that we can modify and drive for a long while.

“According to SEMA, the final regulations will allow low-volume automakers to sell up to 325 cars each year that resemble production vehicles manufactured at least 25 years ago.” –

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That means that we can now get a brand new version of the iconic car that was used in Back to the Future. Delorean’s VP James Espey told Hagerty that they were getting ready to start producing the car. This car will have a very limited run and they will probably only make 1-2 a week, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to all try and get our hands on one. Because we’re adults with money, and we’ll figure out a way!

The body is going to be similar to the original car, and it will host a mix of reproduced and new old stock parts. They will also have power steering and cruise control which weren’t offered in the originals. It could have a 350 horsepower engine and an upgraded interior with modern connectivity such as bluetooth.

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