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Flareon Is Coming To Build-A-Bear

I love Build-A-Bear don’t you? I walk in there a couple times in the year just so you know browse around, see if there’s anything worth getting. Although one time I was with my best friend, and I walked in there and I saw that they had a Squirtle you can stuff. Needless to say I picked up the Squirtle looked my friend dead in the eyes and said I’m an adult and I am getting this.

Build-A-Bear has come out with a series of Pokemon dolls they’ve had Squirtle, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Eevee, and many more. Now Build-A-Bear is adding one more to that list of Pokemon one of the more popular Pokemon might I add, Flareon. Yes, my friends you read that right Flareon is coming to BAB.

Well that is good news, the sad news is Flareon is only available in Australia right now. But it will probably go global seeing as how Pokemon is so popular. The cape is separate also.  

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Isn’t it adorable!! I can only hope that the other evolutions of Eevee will be released as well.

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