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Turn Your Phone into Beskar With These Awesome Phone Cases

When watching the Mandalorian one of the coolest parts was that he got paid in Beskar. And by the quality of the armor that it was made into you knew it was worth a lot. He was the envy of every bounty hunter when he walked into get his new job. And it protected him quite well through the series. Now you can get your own protection in the form of a Beskar phone case. Look and feel cool as you take this bad boy out of your pocket.

You can get them on Redbubble for either Apple or Samsung. Unfortunately no Blackberry cases are available, though I think I may be the only one in the world who still uses those. But hey, c’mon I am writing most the day. Anyway, you can follow the links here to redbubble and start shopping around.


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They have about 3 different designs that basically look like different shine or patterns on sheet metal. Some do look like they just made a wood grain metallic but it’s up to you to pick out one that you like.

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