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Redditer Finds Out Secret Santa is Bill Gates

We all know Reddit. Whether you have been to the website yourself or you know someone who has. But did you know that Reddit has a secret Santa exchange? You have the chance to participate and receive a package from someone else across the country. No one knows who their secret Santa is and usually the person doesn’t reveal who they are. Imagine the shock when one lucky Reddit user found out that her secret Santa was none other than Bill Gates!

“It’s well documented that Bill Gates has been participating for years, but I never, ever thought he would be my Secret Santa,” Shelby said. “It’s really surprising.” She got a notice that her package was set for delivery on December 17th. “I got the alert that it was shipping from Washington, and I said to my husband, ‘Maybe this is from Bill Gates!” Shelby said. “When I looked in the next morning and saw that it was 81 pounds, I thought, ‘Maybe this actually is from Bill Gates.’”

Turns out she was right! She received The Great Gatsby,” signed by Gates; books; toys for her cat and Harry Potter and “Twin Peaks” memorabilia, according to her post on It arrived in a box lit up inside by Christmas lights. When her Fedex person arrived he exclaimed “YOU’RE THE BILL GATES PACKAGE!” “I was really touched by it. It was really thoughtful, I had mentioned in my Reddit gift questionnaire that my mom had passed away, but I hadn’t mentioned the AHA at all.”

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She made two videos that you can watch for yourself. 

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