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Retired Grandfather Constructs Metal Death Star For Grandchildren

Growing up I was always gifted with homemade items from my Grandpa and Grandma. I remember receiving many wooden items as a child. Heck my Grandpa was a master with his hands. He built many things, even the china hut that sits proudly in my parents’ home now. Makes me miss him and his gifts, but the items he made for all his children will live on for years upon years to come. But I will say that my grandpa never made anything nerdy for any of us. Even after he was retired. The only thing he got excited about was that a Home Depot was about to be built in Barstow (he lived in Yermo). 

Well, one Grandfather decided to gift his grand kids with the ultimate firepit. An 84 year old retired metal worker decided that his grand kids needed something amazing. And let me tell you, that’s no moon. He made the thing out of from old propane welding tank ends and the result is amazing!

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How insane is that! I personally would love to have one of those bad boys. Let’s hope that he will open up to the idea of having an Etsy!

Source: Reddit

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