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Battlefield 5 Getting Started Guide

Let’s face if you’ve been playing Battlefield 5 for a while now you’ll know its no easy task to master the game to come out on top. If you’re familiar with battle royale and FPS games, then you’ll immediately be at an advantage. When you jump online it’s easy to forget that it’s not only your own life you’ll need to protect, but you’ll also need to help out your squad.

Some battles span across multiple stages, a series of objectives to fight for, and enemies that rain down bullets on you, making it a challenging affair to master. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with some helpful tips to get you started.

Objectives are your priority

Although this seems straightforward, it’s so easy to turn your voyage into a deathmatch and forget your current goal. Kills should be your last priority for any of the modes, it’s more important to take down those you need to eliminate,  rather than rack up kills. Focus on the point of the game to earn points, and let the kills take a back seat.

Be open-minded about classes

Battlefield 5 offers a total of four classes. They consist of the medic, support, Assault and recon, each having their weapons and specializations. Unlock new weapons and combat roles by building each class, don’t be afraid to test out the various classes available.

Using Overwatch as an example, you’d need to take on various roles when the battle heats up to fill the gaps that others might not be so good with, and Battlefield 5 classes are a similar concept. Let’s suppose you only stick with the Assault class to level up that option, and you’d undoubtedly be a mess when it came to attempting a medic class. The classes guide from IGN explains the classes and corresponding specializations in more detail.

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Make use of health and ammo stations

Every Battlefield 5 (multiplayer) map is filled with locations that contain unique stations. At these points, players can top up their ammo and health supplies to give you an edge when entering a firefight. It’s not uncommon to enter a match where there’s no medic around to revive you, so make the most of these supplies where possible.

Destroy tanks as a team

Even though tanks might appear tricky to take down, they aren’t as tricky if you work with your team to fire at them together. If you don’t take them out quickly, these vehicles can do some severe damage to you and your squad. To eliminate tanks, you’ll need a weapon that can pierce tank armour such as dynamite, or perhaps the Panzerfaust 100. Try and get behind the tank away from its line of sight and shoot the hunk of metal from a distance. Shooting the front will be pretty pointless. If you can pop some bullets in the rear and the sides you will deal some decent damage. Incapacitate the tank if you are struggling to disable it altogether, and those inside will often jump out to the nearby shelter. At that point, you’ll want to take them out too as they’ll be displeased that their tank is now scrapped metal.

If you run into lag while playing Battlefield 5, it might be worth considering a gamer VPN which could hugely improve your connection drops. No one wants to be kicked from a match just as you are about to secure that ultimate win!

That about covers our Battlefield 5 beginners tips guide, we hope our strategies help our readers to get into the game and improve on their Battlefield skills. Now its time to get out there soldier and start winning your matches on the frontline!

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