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10 Dating Fails Straight Out of a Horror Movie

Horror movies are great to watch to prepare you for Halloween or a party. They are great when you organize a movie night with your friends, as well. But just like other movie genres, you can learn something from them. If you go beyond the horror effects, you can discover 10 dating fails that teach you what not to do on a date.

10. The Grudge

The Grudge is a horror movie released in 2004 with a simple lesson. Do not ever read your soul mate’s diary. His or her thoughts should remain private. Otherwise, you have the chance to be like Takeo. After misinterpreting the writings, he kills his wife, child, and cat. 

And he ends up with his house haunted. So, do not read people’s private diaries until they share them with you.

9. V/H/S

This horror movie offers a lot of lessons for dating. You need to pay attention to how your partner behaves, otherwise… You can end up being an alien incubator. This is what Emily was through and she surely deserves a man better than James, who let aliens use her.

8. Scream

Scream is the perfect movie about dating that can turn into your worst nightmare. Sidney has a boyfriend, Billy. She discovers that Billy killed her mother one year before and now he is going to frame her father.

 Her mother is not his first victim, so he thinks that he will go away while her father will pay for the rest of his victims. The lesson is that it is helpful to do a little digging before dating someone.

7. The Shining

The Shining tells the story of a family that moves in a haunted Indian burial ground. The lesson is that you must talk to your partner before doing drastic changes. You can end up in an ancient burial ground, trapped for a few months. Jack even tries to kill his wife, so strange things happened there.

6. Paranormal Activity

For sure you remember those documentaries and movies about paranormal activities that happen in people’s houses. This is a good dating lesson. Katie truly believes that she is being haunted and her partner, Micah, does not believe her. She wanted to call a demonologist for help but Micah refused. 

The couple could not manage to compromise, and so bad things happened. You should trust your girlfriend, says Mariah Johnson, essay reviewer at on relationship issues.

5. Let me In

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The most important dating lesson this movie offers is that you need to openly discuss the problems within the couple. Owen is not open to recognizing that something is wrong in his relationship with his girlfriend. He does not even discuss something related to their problems. 

And so, he ends up with a girlfriend who is a vampire and wants to kill him. The earlier you learn this, the better. Owen was only 12 years old.

4. You’re Next

Crispian and Erin are a nice couple that promotes openness between each other. But the twist is that Crispian has been involved in the murder of his family members. The motive? The inheritance. 

How could you live with a greedy murderer? It can be quite difficult and stressful to live with this secret and a murderer, says John Merino, a member of a paper writers community who offers assignment writing service.

3. Candyman

The story of Candyman is quite interesting. Trevor and Helen are married, but while Helen is in the psychiatric yard, Trevor cheats on her with one of his students. Even though he bails Helen out of jail, he learned his lesson. Never chant your wife’s name. You do not know what vengeful spirit you awake. Never cheat!

2. The Craft

This horror movie offers a great lesson. In a couple relationship, it is important to trust and respect your partner. The truth should be something you do not need to hide because you should be able to talk about every subject. 

This is what Chris learns. After he mistreated his partner and even forced her into having sex, he ended up cursed. And because it cannot be a horror movie without horror scenes, he fell out of a window. Always be open and discuss all the problems with your partner. And above all, treat him or her respectfully.

1. Shaun of the Dead

We all have moments in our lives when we are bored to death. It is important how you handle the situation and discuss it with your significant other. 

While some activities are always welcomed to ward off boredom, no one really wants to deal with a zombie apocalypse. Nor it is prepared to handle a zombie apocalypse. And this is exactly what Shaun does in his desire to ward off boredom.


Even though horror movies are full of horror and terrifying scenes, they are also full of lessons. While it may be hard to believe that some of them will actually happen, others are really plausible and inspired by reality. So, always be open with your partner, talk about problems and take decisions together.

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