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Godzilla Tissue Holder Releasing in 2020

Godzilla fans unite! With a movie as old as Godzilla, it’s fan base sure as strong as ever. But as we all know merchandise has been slim pickings as of lately. I mean you do have your favorite Godzilla whether it be from the stop motion animation to the whatever the heck that fat one was. I’m certain that no matter which one is your favorite we can all agree that there are certain things that we need in our lives and this is one of them.

It’s a Godzilla tissue box holder how cool is that? I mean every time you’re pulling a tissue out of its mouth it looks like it’s breathing something on you so I mean what’s not to love, right?

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Great news is it looks amazing, the bad news is it releases next year in 2020 and it goes for the retail about 5,000 yen. Roughly that’s about $50 USD but give or take a few. All I know is it releases next year in May, and I just found my best friend’s birthday gift.

You can order it by clicking the link here.

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