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These Star Wars Scrubs Are Great for Any Medical Professional

So one of my best friends is a Vet Tech, and we were hanging out when we came across this post from FIGS. They now have officially licensed Star Wars Scrubs that you can get for either the light side or the dark side. Any nurse or tech, especially the nerdy ones are going to love this new collaboration from them. They have everything from regular scrubs to themed compression socks, because I know you are on your feet most of the day and you need these comfy socks. Also I want to apologize if you clicked here from facebook because the title does not acknowledge the importance of other medical professionals. Everyone who wears scrubs for a living is so important.

Artify – Square

The reversible jacket is probably the coolest piece because it has both light and dark side abilities. Anything in this set would honestly be awesome to wear to show your nerdy side at work. There are usually character scrubs from Disney or other cartoons which are cute for pediatricians and nurses that like to show a lighter side of themselves. But when you want to show how awesome you feel on the inside at work on the outside, these are a great way to do it.

Keep Going!
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Being in the medical profession is a super power and you can’t fool me. I know you’re all secretly amazingly talented Jedi with mind powers for healing.

You can check out the entire collection by clicking the link here. May the force be with you!!

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