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Great Festive Movie Cosplay Ideas

With the festive season fast approaching, now is the time to start thinking about your cosplay outfit for get-togethers with friends or that all-important New Year’s Eve Party. As with any type of cosplay, it’s important to put some thought into it early on and pay close attention to the details. Anyone can pop down to their local fancy dress store and buy a sexy santa outfit, or a Nylon red suit and a white beard. When you’re planning your cosplay outfit, go niche and choose something that people will want to talk to you about. 

Home Alone

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Home Alone and the sequel (conveniently forgetting no’s 3 and 4 of this franchise) have some great characters that you can draw inspiration from for your cosplay. Firstly there is of course Marv Merchants and Harry Lime, the slapstick robbers that are ultimately foiled by the ingenious Kevin. With a little glue and a lot of pigeon feathers, you can easily recreate one of the more iconic character costumes in the movies. Let us not forget the iron in the face either, or the gallon of paint hanging from a rope.

The character of Gus Polinski, played by John Candy is also a great choice for an easy-going cosplay party. You will need a bomber jacket and a Kenosha Kickers t-shirt for this, which you can get online. Being aware of the washing and fabric care instructions for these printed t-shirts is key; otherwise, the fabric could shrink or the print could crack before you even get to sport it. Then you can wear your t-shirt time and again. Old Man Marley the “South Bend Shovel Slayer” is another great iconic character from the movie that will get your friends talking. They might even want to borrow your snow shovel. 

A Christmas Carol

There have been many different movie interpretations of this Charles Dickens classic. A Christmas Carol has so many iconic characters that you can look to for cosplay inspiration. The most memorable are the three ghosts of Christmas past, future and yet to come, the last of which can be easily mistaken for a Dementor, or possible one of the Ring Wraiths. Jacob Marley is also an excellent choice for a creepy cosplay costume, it gives you plenty of opportunity for rattling some chains. Finally don’t forget though the aloof and miserly Ebeneezer Scrooge or the unfortunate Tiny Tim. 

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Die Hard

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Yes of course it is. Nothing says festive spirit like watching Bruce Willis in a white vest. Pay tribute to the late, great Alan Rickman by personifying Hans Gruber in all his evil, menacing glory. The cosplay for this is relatively simple, walkie talkies are a must though. John McClane involves a head shave and an attitude, but you will definitely get cosplay kudos. Don’t forget Sgt Al Powell either – where would the Nakatomi Plaza be without him?

Good festive cosplay doesn’t have to be about kids movies, or painting your face green and calling yourself The Grinch. You can have great fun depicting some Christmas movie classics in an original and fun way. 

Article submitted by Jane Sandwood

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