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Samuel L. Jackson Available on Alexa Devices Today for $1

Since the announcement we’ve all been patiently waiting for that sultry voice to grace us with its presence. Now we have word that not only is it available but its available NOW! And it’s being offered on Amazon for an “introductory price” of $1, rising to $5 later.

You can ask Samuel L. Jackson about the weather and he will tell you if “Mother Nature is Angry”. You can ask him how he’s doing and a ton more. To get started all you have to do is ask your Alexa to “Ask Samuel to introduce himself.” After which you will be asked about your NSFW settings which basically means if you care about him using explicit language or not. If you are using your Alexa where kids can hear it’s up to you to decide if your kids ready to hear what Samuel has to offer.

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Things you can ask Samuel:

Get to know Samuel L. Jackson

“Alexa, ask Samuel if he has a favorite hobby.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel if he likes music.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel what he does when he’s not making movies.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel what his greatest achievement is.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel if he always wanted to be an actor.”

Ask Samuel about Life in Hollywood

“Alexa, ask Samuel what it was like making Star Wars.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel how he got the part of Nick Fury.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel how he got his big break.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel for the secret to his success.”

Keep Going!
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Samuel’s Favorites

“Alexa, ask Samuel what his favorite movie line is.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel what his favorite book is.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel what his favorite drink is.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel what his favorite game is.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel what his favorite superhero movie is.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel if he has a favorite video game.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel what his favorite ice cream is.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel where his favorite vacation spot is.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel what his favorite TV show is.”

Small talk with Samuel

“Alexa, ask Samuel to tell me a joke.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel to sing jingle bells.
“Alexa, ask Samuel if he’s having a good day.”
“Alexa, tell Samuel hello.”
“Alexa, tell Samuel Merry Christmas.”
“Alexa, tell Samuel good morning.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel what he did today.”
“Alexa, tell Samuel that I’m a big fan.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel to roast me.”
“Alexa, tell Samuel to pull my finger.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel to tell my kids to go to bed.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel for more cowbell.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel how much wood could a woodchuck chuck.”

Daily Help from Samuel

“Alexa, ask Samuel for the weather.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel to play some music.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel to set a 10 minute pizza timer.”
“Alexa, ask Samuel how tall is Mt Fuji?”
“Alexa, ask Samuel what’s 99 divided by 12?”
“Alexa, ask Samuel for the news.”

Unfortunately it seems like you will always be talking through Alexa instead of really feeling like your talking to Samuel himself. But hey, Maybe a Samuel L. Jackson device is in our future? Tell us if you’ve already gotten this in the comments and what you think of it!

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