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Hershey’s Cereal Set To Release In 2020

Growing up we have all heard the phrase, “You can’t have chocolate for breakfast”. And you know what I am an adult I can have chocolate for breakfast now! Which you know, is also a bad idea on it’s own. But hey, we’re adults we can make that call for ourselves now. But how to combine breakfast and chocolate? Coco Puffs is nice and all, but I am looking for something more. No not Coco Pebbles. AH! Hershey’s Chocolate! Oh wait, they don’t have a cereal? Nuts, or do they?

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Yes my friends, Hershey’s did it! They combined the sweet love of their wonderful chocolate within a cereal box. I look forward to this hitting the shelves next year. Although it is rumored that it will cost somewhere between $3.99 and $4.99. No matter, I will still shell out the money and enjoy it. 

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