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New Photo of Justice League’s Black Suit Superman Surfaces

Late on Wednesday night Zack Snyder shared a photo of Henry Cavill in his popular black suit. He captioned the photo “My Superman.” In the comments of the picture that he posted he went on to answer some fan questions about Superman in his original cut of Justice League. Justice League was originally meant to be a two parter but due to reasons was combined into a singular film.

He talked mostly about the suit and how if we ever see his film, “This is the suit.”

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One of the key points Snyder said when it was originally going to be a two part movie was that Superman would have to “earn back” the blue suit. Which would have come in the second film. “I love them both but the blue one is where he must end up after a journey,” he wrote.

This could be a giant tease to mean that the Snyder cut is coming or it could be a way for him to tell Warner Bros yet again that fans really really want to see it. If they do ever decide to put it out surely it will do well with DVD sales, and the longer they wait the more money it could potentially make. That would be coming of course from fans who already wanted to see it and others who are morbidly curious as to what all the hype is about.

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