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Adam Driver Forgot The Title Of ‘The Last Jedi’

It happens, we all start talking and for some odd reason our mind draws a blank. Like one time my best friend was talking and all of a sudden she looked away and said “Come back!” and forgot what she was talking about. It’s really hilarious and to this day we still make fun of her for it. And she still can’t even tell you what she was talking about, we obviously forgot because we laughed way too damn hard at it. 

But as a movie star we know that you are under a lot of pressure, and with the next Star Wars movie set to release next week they are going to different places around the world for promotions, interview after interview. Lord knows how much sleep they get, but poor Adam Driver, he actually forgot the title of the movie he worked on in a viral video.
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It’s okay Adam we still love you.

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