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Daisy Ridley Bids Farewell To Star Wars

The world of Star Wars will never be the same since recent movies. Daisy Ridley without a doubt has inspired many younglings around the world. And let’s be honest with ourselves, she is totally badass as a Jedi. But sadly as always, what goes up, must come back down and with the Rise of Skywalker next week, Daisy has said that it is time for her leave of the franchise. 

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“It feels strange when we’re in a group doing things and people ask us how it feels because then you’re like [as if in pain] Oh! And we genuinely all really do get along. So that’s sad,” Ridley told Variety. “But also, I think this story, from what we filmed, [screenwriter] Chris [Terrio] and J.J. have done such an amazing job at wrapping it up, it feels like the right time to say goodbye. So even though it’s sad, it feels right. But cut to Dec. 20 when we’re done, and I’m going to be like, ‘Take me back!’”

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Just recently at CCXP in Brazil Daisy was with her costars and Abrams discussing the film at a panel. Where she was quoted saying “Rise of Skywalker is a fitting end for all of us”

Daisy, thanks for taking us along this fun ride!

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