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Christmas Decorations from the Final Frontier

People can get pretty intricate when it comes to Christmas Decorations, and it’s even gotten to the point where people will spend an evening just looking at houses decked out in holiday adornments.

But could you imagine seeing a gigantic, lit-up replica of the Starship Enterprise in someone’s backyard?

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Martin Ahern, a resident of Moncton, decided to incorporate one of his favorite things into Christmas, which of course was Star Trek.  To do this, he built a scaled down replica of the iconic starship from the show, completely lit up in Christmas fashion. The details he put into the design are remarkable, and he built the whole thing in large sections that he put together with wood and duct tape.  It even has accurately colored lights that flash and blink in coordination with how the actual starship’s would. The replica is about 16 feet long and looks incredibly accurate to the original. People can see the fantastic creation sitting high above Ahern’s backyard.

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Ahern is well known for some dazzling Christmas displays over the years.  He’s quite talented with working with lights and giving them programmed patterns.  His entire yard is devoted to these displays during the holidays. He has recently created a cone-shaped tree equipped with about 3000 programmed lights.

The Starship Enterprise he’s built can be seen from behind his house on Alexander Avenue. You can check out the video from Global News by clicking the link here.

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