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Lil BUB’s Ashes Will Be Spread in Outer Space

On December 1st the world lost Lil Bub. To this day I am still hurting from it, she has been a part of my life ever since I saw her first picture and I followed her and The Dude through social media. My best friend and her mom were able to meet this beautiful feline at Cat Con. Lil Bub will continue her space adventures and look over us now. 

Speaking of space adventures. For those who have been fans for a long time know that she was indeed out of this world, and what better way to celebrate her life than to actually send her to space. The Dude aka Mike Bridavsky the best caretaker to this loving cat who gave her years of love and comfort is currently working with Purdue University to send his beloved cat to the stars via satellite. TMZ reports Bridavsky intends to get assistance from Purdue University, because they operate an aerospace program and their animal hospital was frequently visited by Lil Bub. Bridavsky knows just how much that Bub meant to all of us, and so wants to ensure that we can always keep a close eye on her.  Bub’s human says he wants to link her satellite to a website so people can track the cat’s location over Earth, and he even hopes to install a live feed on the craft so people can see Bub watching over them. TMZ reports. 

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Still no word if there will be a memorial on Earth to where fans can pay their final respects and say for the last time, Good job Bub

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