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A ‘Swan Princess’ Plush is Here For Its 25th Anniversary

80’s/90’s babies you remember that loving movie called Swan Princess right? The one with Princess Odette, Prince Derek, and the evil Rothbart? If you don’t go shame yourself right now because this movie (along with Quest for Camelot) is a timeless classic. I remember watching this with my sisters and singing along to the music. Not to mention getting really upset when Derek professed his undying love for an OBVIOUS DECOY! LOOKING AT YOU DEREK HOW CAN YOU NOT TELL!! 


Anyways! I suggest this for anyone who is as passionate as the movie as I am.

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This is a 6 inch swan is Odette (in swan form come on) and it also plays music. The song of course is For Longer than Forever. You can buy this beauty right here for yourself or as a gift or for a friend that grew up loving the movie. Trust me you can’t go wrong with this.
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