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Check Out This Giant Xenomorph Made Out of Gingerbread!

The Shining’s Overlook Hotel Gingerbread house would be pretty hard to beat right? Well check out this amazing Alien Xenomorph made entirely of Gingerbread!

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Carolina Eriksson who is a cake designer put a lot of work into this creation. She has been known for other Gingerbread creations before such as her 2013 Optimus Prime.

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To create this scupture she baked home made gingerbread and molded it around a metal frame while it was still warm. She then waited for the pieces to toughen up and used melted sugar to put it all together.

It’s an iron structure inside with sculptured gingerbread on top: …I made an inner skeleton with correct proportions, and then drew pieces/ designs to fit on top of it …I’ve altered the usual recipe a bit to make it stronger – so I wouldn’t recommend for eating, but I’m using twice the amount of syrup, and no baking powder. It makes the gingerbread harder and gives it a smoother surface! …There’s a whole lot of melted sugar to keep it together!

You can follow her on Instagram by clicking on any of the posts above. We’re keeping an eye on her in the future for more fantastical creations like this one!

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