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This Gingerbread House of The Shining’s Overlook Hotel is Amazing

Handicrafts are always an amazing thing. It takes so much practice and detail to be able to pull off something of great quality. And the time and work that goes into something can really pay off. Aaron Keeling has been making Gingerbread houses as long as he can remember and it looks like this years will be a tough one to beat.

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He posted the house on Tumbler with excruciating detail as to what went into making it. The wallpaper seen inside was printed on edible paper and the blood coming out of the elevator was made from melted Jolly Ranchers. You can eat everything! Just like a traditional gingerbread house is meant to be.

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While speaking to Bored Panda he said that he was working on more mechanical gingerbread houses for a while. Then he moved in a more modest direction. And now he is working on more interior scenes and less moving parts. His fascination with the horror genre has him inspired to create houses like this one.

The family creates it together and lets it sit for a few months(until it starts falling apart) and then they smash it with a baseball bat or an axe…

You can follow him on his Instagram or his tumbler for more gingerbread creations.

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