Find Out How to Get This Exclusive Patronus Funko Pop

It seems that the never ending supply of Funko Pops is here to stay. Everything from RuPaul to Ben Franklin. I however only collect exclusives (*cough cough Allie*). We have all had our fair share of Harry Potter Funkos in the past, heck my sister’s collection is quite impressive and I like to look it over just to see what she has or rather who she has. I always call during the Christmas time to ask which one she would like. She tells me the series she hasn’t collected yet, and I go off of that. 


One has  just been released that I might have to keep for myself. 


But you do see it right? The Pre-Release Exclusive sticker? Yes, there are a few steps to get this beautiful one. Trust me, it’s not that hard. 

If you’re like me, and you have already been to then you have been sorted, and got your wand etc. But if not and you want to get this rare patronus pop then follow the instructions down below.

  1. Sign up for a passport here.
  2. Once you have that passport log  here  on December 4th. 

That’s it, congratulations the hard part is over. But be warned supply is limited, and I know a certain writer who will be up at midnight to get this one. Me, I am that writer. 

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