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Kathy Bates Praises Lizzy Caplan’s Annie Wilkes Portrayal

Taking on any role Kathy Bates has previously been in before must be nerve wracking. Bates always puts 110% into everything she does. And let’s face it her performance of Annie Wilkes had us all hypnotized. Even now when we rewatch it years later she comes across as terrifying and real. Now Lizzy Caplan has taken up the role of Annie Wilkes for Hulu’s Castle Rock and let’s just say she is doing a fantastic job. So fantastic in fact that Kathy Bates herself tweeted about her performance.

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Now when you watch Lizzy Caplan in the role you really get to see Annie come to life. It’s amazing how much she must have studied Misery to get down all her movements. Her speech is spot on and she talks and exasperates just like Annie would. At no time do you think she is trying to play a part, she just becomes her.

Have you been watching? Tell us in the comments what you think of Annie Wilkes this season!

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