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You Can Have Your Ashes Pressed Into A Working Vinyl Record

When I think about all the advancements modern technology has made since I was a kid and my mind immediately goes to things like iPods, or medical stuff, maybe the occasional video game.

However, there is one area of the consumer marketplace that has seen major growth in recent years… the death business. Not going to lie, feels a little dirty referring the idea of death as a business. But it’s true, if you’ve ever seen the elaborate resting places in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery you will understand exactly how much money there is in dying.

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Now a couple elements of the body storage game I am one hundred percent against like ridiculously flashy caskets or taxidermy. There’s no way to un-creep taxidermy.

So if you’re a big time music fan like myself, there’s a company called that will take your ashes and press them into a working vinyl record… like one that you can actually play. Now before you play any God card or whatever “people should rest naturally” argument you might be mentally debating… check out the below video on the process.

Personally I couldn’t think of a better place to rest than between the grooves of one of my favorite musical achievements. I’ve been saying for years that I’ll be buried with my vinyl copy of London Calling only now I can simply be pressed into it. The closest thing to heaven I’ll ever get.

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This whole thing is just like plot of Ghostface Killah’s 12 Reasons To Die… I’m down.

Do keep in mind that just like everything in the death business, the process can be rather expensive.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- YouTube

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