I like flavored coffee. But hey to those of you who drink it black, I tip my hat to you. Normally I don’t really get excited over new flavors that Coffee Mate brings out. Because they just don’t appeal to me. The Snickers and Reeses was a disappointment and well the only thing that keeps me coming back is the Girl Scout’s Thin Mint flavor. But I am willing to bite my tongue and take back everything if I can try these. 

Holy moly do these look amazing! I love Cinamon Toast Crunch (if you don’t you are lying to yourself) Heck growing up I tried so hard to get a second bowl of these delightful cinnamon crunchies. Or I would eat them straight out of the box, because let’s face it, no matter what it will taste amazing.  But holy heck do I also see Funfetti!? THE BEST FLAVOR OF THEM ALL!!! (fight me).

According to Delish The Cinnamon Toast Crunch creamer is designed to taste like the spicy and sweet milk that the classic cereal leaves behind in your bowl. It has cinnamon, brown sugar, and hints of toasted cereal so it tastes like “cinnamilk.” And, Funfetti creamer which has notes of vanilla, cake batter, and a “sweet finish reminiscent of frosting.”

Both of these will hit stores soon, so keep a look out my friends! And let me know so I can stock up. Cheers!