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These Candles Will Fill Your Home With the Scent of Old Books

What better than the scent of a used bookstore? Or any bookstore really?
No kindle or e-reader will ever compare to the irresistible smell of a handheld book with actual turnable pages. Nor will they bring back those memories of entering a library and exiting with some new adventure.

What better way to ignite those senses of adventure and mystery and tragedy then with the smell of old books?
Well, now you can fill your home with the scent of old books just by using a candle!

 They’re handmade in Minneapolis at the Frostbeard Studio. The name of the candle is “Old Books” soy wax and it smells of timber, white tea, newsprint, and aged paper.

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They’re one of Etsy’s best-selling candles and make the perfect gift for a book-lover in your life. Or just yourself. We know we are excited to try out the scent for ourselves.

These candles aren’t the only book related scent you can purchase from them. Be sure to check out Oxford Library and Bookstore.

You can check out Frostbeard’s entire candle lineup over on their Etsy store! Let us know which candles caught your eye in the comments below! Which scent are you looking forward to smelling the most?

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