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There’s A Dance Party in Honor of ‘Blade Runner’ Now Being Set in the Past

Blade Runner Will Be In The Past Soon So Let’s Party

So we are at the point in the history of civilization where movies that are set in the future will have technically taken place in the past. We are old.

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As I assume you’ve seen on social media either by meme or comedians trying to make a joke, when the calendar hits December 1rst, like in two weeks, Blade Runner will officially be a period piece. Or to put it simply… a movie set in the past.

Yes, the 1982 Ridley Scott via Phillip K. Dick dystopian sci-fi landmark film will no longer have taken place in the future. Seriously. I can’t believe humanity lasted this long. I figured the vision of mega-city Los Angeles to be a bit of a stretch but we are not too far away from something similar to a Replicant.

Now I live in Los Angeles and one thing I’ve learned is that when you can… throw a goddamn raging party! Especially when the worlds of cinema and reality combine. Which is why I’m here to tell you about Future Daze’s LB2019 Blade Runner Dance Party.

On Saturday November 30th, the last day of the month, the absolute last possible date that Blade Runner could have taken place (per the above title card), Que Sera in Long Beach is going to throw a free, no cover mondo-soirée.

Personally I’m down for any excuse to have drinks but you throw in a Blade Runner theme and consider myself present. Eventbrite’s website describes the event on their webpage as “A Free Blade Runner themed Synthwave Dance Party in A Cyberpunk setting with DJs JAK SYN, TURBOMAN, and Slackmachine” with Blade Runner cosplay encouraged.

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Speaking of Eventbrite… even though the event is free, you have to register to get tickets which you can do by clicking here.

I’m already registered and very excited for a night in LA’s Cleveland. FYI – for those of you have relocated to Southern California from the Mid-West, particularly the Rust Belt that I will forever call home… Long Beach is so much like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, insert Rust Belt city here compared to the rest of Los Angeles. They even have an outlet mall and free parking in a ton of places.

Here’s where I would insert the raised hands praise be emojis.

Que Sera is located at 1923 E. 7th St in Long Beach, California. Be there, or be lost like tears in the rain… time to party!

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- Future Daze/Warner Brothers

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