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Kate Fights Assassins and Homophobia On This Weeks Batwoman

Pennyworth, Discrimination, and Drama – Oh My !

The Drama Thickins

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Its Episode seven of Batwoman and while the overall plot may be at a standstill, the drama grows and relationships are broken.

Episode 7 Spoilers

Luke Fox ( Camrus Johnson),Kate Kane( Ruby Rose) and Julia Pennyworth (Christina Wolfe) Who are about to go into the Batcave but Get interrupted by Kates Step Sister.

So this episode was a prime example of the fantastic storytelling that can be told through a queer lense. Kate, while Ruby is clearly still working on emoting , was fantastically deep this episode. The LGBTQ centric story is a real world issue the show handled well, albeit having one issue.

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Sophie and Kate should NOT be together. And if they are endgame, then the writers don’t understand that they’re sordid history has changed them. As tempting as it could be to retreat to the relationship, the intrinsic difference between the characters shows a separate growth that has pushed them apart.

The introduction of Alfred’s daughter was fun, if short. Her quick wit really helped to show the possibility of their trio , which is something they hopefully revisit soon.

The show needs to go forward with two goals in mind. First to work on the action and incorporate more flavor into the fights( not to discredit the entertaining action in this episode. Second being pushing Alice’s plans forward.

Sophie confronting Batwoman in an alley behind a crime scene

So what’s your opinion on the episode ? Let us know in the comments down below!

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