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Birthday Cake Kit Kats Coming Early 2020

According to Instagram user @Junkfoodleaks we’re all in for a big treat come early 2020. Kit Kat will be releasing a new flavor, Birthday Cake!

From the caption, “The Kit Kats themselves are a bit harder, as milk chocolate and confection are different, but moving past that, you’re delighted to impeccable crunch, and flashbacks to eating spoonfuls of Funfetti cake frosting right out of the jar. The Funfetti pearls, the crunch, everything about this is an absolute slam dunk. For some, it might appear to be a bit too sweet — which I get. But if sweet is your thing, these will undoubtedly rise through the ranks on your favorites list as well.”

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They rank this Kit Kat second in all flavors. That’s pretty bold considering how good Green Tea is. There is currently no word on exactly when these will hit stores but we’re hoping by early 2020 they mean January 1st. Birthday Cake anything is usually a fast favorite so this is sure to be great too. Also if you love Kit Kats or know someone who does, Stores are now selling an XL Kit Kat bar for Christmas Stockings.

What’s your favorite Kit Kat? Tell us in the comments!

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