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Christmas Tree Eyebrows Are Women’s Answer to the Glitter Beard

Of all the things that we could find concerning Holiday fashion this has got to be one of the most interesting trends. Ugly Sweaters are the new normal even though a few years ago they were hideous. Let’s face it the designs have gotten miles better from when Grandma would knit you your own jingle bell Santa. And with the incorporation of our favorite pop culture franchises they are a total win. This however is debatable.

Now it’s no secret that women love glitter. Heck most people love glitter! So any chance we have to incorporate some sparkle we are totally for. Now this trend could be our version of the Glitter beard which unfortunately we cannot have. Unless we already stocked up on fake beards from over the holidays or want to shop for one on amazon our choices of facial hair are limited. So I’m assuming this is our answer to coordinating with that very sexy glitter beard.

Artify – Square

The person who started it all was an Instagram account in 2017 called TayTay_XX. She simply put the caption “Christmas Tree Eyebrows Yes or No”. That is what started a flood of other Instagram users on their journey to create the greatest Christmas Tree Eyebrow.

Here are a few of the best/worst Christmas Tree Eyebrows found on Instagram right now. Some of these are really cute while others.. well, see for yourself!

Keep Going!
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Well that last one didn’t even try… Whether or not you’re into this trend it’s happening. Whether that makes the world a better place I’m not sure. But if it makes you happy more power to you!

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