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Lucky Fan Catches Joker Stair Scene on Video

The iconic Joker stairs scene can now be seen from a bird’s eye view. One lucky fan was able to catch Joaquin Phoenix dance down the stairs in his red suit as they filmed the shot that was used for promotions and media output.

It would appear that the person who filmed lived nearby the stairs as you can hear a baby in the background of the video. There is also some TV noise and what sounds like an air conditioner or a refrigerator.

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What a cool moment to have witnessed. This video will surely be going down in some kind of behind the scenes compendium. It is a rare occasion that things are not filmed on set and completely blocked off. Of course what can you do if someone happens to live right above where you are filming? It’s also very considerate of the person filming to release the video now instead of before the movie came out. That’s how you can tell they were a real fan.

Have you ever seen anything being filmed? Tell us in the comments about your experience!

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