Do you love cuddly things? How about just heavily relate to our best boy Snorlax? Eat and then hibernate? Count me in! Now Build-a-Bear is selling our favorite Pokemon online and we are really exited to see how he comes home. We’re assuming in a giant snorlaxy box.

He is an online exclusive so that means you can’t get him in stores. He’s a bit more expensive being 2ft tall at $99 but he comes with everything you see in the picture. You can order him undressed or dressed depending on if you want to dress him yourself or not. Undressed does not reduce the price. So if you factor in the jumbo size and clothes it makes it about even. You can check out the online listing by clicking the link here.

They do also sell a 16 inch version of him for $57 but if you want to get him I recommend the larger than life version. They both come with an exclusive trading card for the Pokemon Card game. Whichever you choose he will definitely make a statement in your home!