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Power Up Your Christmas Tree With A Super Mario Bros Star

If you are looking for the perfect tree topper then look no further. NerdlyNecessities on Etsy is selling this Super Mario Star tree topper and it’s pretty perfect. You can get it for anyone who liked Super Mario growing up or is still an avid Nintendo fan.

The star is 5.5″ long and 5.5″ and comes without the lights inside. All you have to do to make it shine is feed some of the lights you already have on the tree into the inside. So if you have colorful lights this year you are going to get colorful lights coming through the yellow. It’s best to put white inside but if you want to have colored lights you can always switch out the bulbs on the ones you place inside the star. It’s pretty simple to change them out. If you would like to see more about it including reviews follow the link here.

If you want some other Mario accessories to go with this cool star for Christmas has this cool Christmas Mug that looks like a Mario Ugly sweater. It’s cute and perfect for hot cocoa.

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They are also selling some super fun Gaming Ugly sweaters that you can check out in the link below.

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