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Japanese Artist Creates Spectacular Art From Cardboard

Art students are always working with strange materials, but sometimes those materials can get out of hand with costs, as well as the supplies used in the process of turning those materials into art.  Monomi Ohno, a student attending the Osaka School of Arts, creatively found a way to work with a rather tough material that could be found relatively cheap – cardboard.

Ohno has been working in such detail with cardboard, using boxes she could get through Amazon and other available sources, and has made some amazingly intricate and beautiful creations.  Her designs range from small scale to large scale, some fitting into your hand and others as large as a person, and they vary in design as well; things like clothing items and accessories, small vehicles and machines, popular characters from many different franchises, food, artwork in the style of textured flat imagery, animals, and several items featuring tanks or tank accessories (one of them is a robot shark with a gun and tank treads).  She has over 13k followers on her Instagram who all love her creations.

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The designs are so well put together for such a difficult medium, and each design features tiny details that seem impossible to be made with the stiff material.  Somehow she has mastered this to make delicate works of art that are truly wondrous.  Her Bowser sculpture even has tiny scales!

Check out more on her Instagram: monamincb

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