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Reese’s Pieces Advent Calendar is Available at Target!

One thing I always look forward to during the holidays is opening each day of the advent calendar.  Now there’s one filled with one of my favorite candies, and you bet I’ll be getting it this year!  This holiday, you can now find Reese’s Pieces Advent Calendars at Target. 

@markie_devo also expressed his excitement in an Instagram post: 

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You can pretty much fill an advent calendar with anything that you desire.  There are even some fun ones filled with miniature Funko figures from Marvel, Harry Potter, and even Fortnite.  

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This calendar is only filled with Reese’s treats like the cups and their miniatures.  And I know there are some who may say that an advent calendar filled with only one type of candy is boring, but that’s not relevant to me.  What is relevant is enjoying a delicious piece of chocolate and peanut butter candy each day until Christmas.  

Where to Get it

If you’re wondering where you can get your hands on one, @markie_devo said that he found this calendar at Rite Aid.  It is also available at Target and on it’s online store for $5.99.  To me, that sounds like a good deal for 24 days worth of candy. 

Do you like Reese’s Pieces candies?  Are you going to get one of these calendars?  Let us know in the comments!

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