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‘Joker’ Jumps to $834 Million As It Inches Towards $1 Billion

Joker is fast becoming a movie that’s set to break records. This weekend at the box office the total gross for the film jumped to an amazing $834 Million. This is a great sum especially when you consider it wasn’t released in China. If it had been it would surely have broken the $1 Billion dollar mark already.

Previously the only film to reach the billion dollar mark without China was The Dark Knight which did $1.0005 billion. Joker is currently the highest grossing WB movie in 19 markets and the highest grossing DC movie in 36 markets. They anticipate that it will also be in the running for best picture along with a few other nominations.

More than likely Joker will cross the $1 billion dollar mark in the next couple of weeks and when it does it will be nice to think that we made it happen. Many fans of DC have seen it 2 or 3 times at this point. The film is breaking barriers since it is the first stand alone villain film to not have the main protagonist in it(for DC). That basically means that Batman wasn’t used to sell tickets, Joker did it all on his own. Joaquin Phoenix’s performance is being hailed as spectacular and it’s just a waiting game now to see how many awards it actually does rack up.

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