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UNO Creates First Ever Braille Card Deck

Mattel in their mission to make their products more people friendly and inclusive have come out with their first ever braille deck. Now you can play with people who are blind or have a hard time seeing by using this new deck.

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This deck will be available at all Targets and will only cost $4 more than the standard $6 dollar deck. For those of you who don’t want to do the math that means it’s only $10 and that’s a low price to pay for some fun with family or friends. It also means that people who work with the blind will have new means of entertainment and will be able to enjoy some really special bonding time.

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This would also be great to play in nursing homes where the elderly may be losing their vision. Braille is easy enough to learn so hopefully this will be used there too. You can pick up a deck for yourself by following the link here.

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