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Get Ready for a Minecraft Board Game!

Nobody is too old to grab their PC or mobile device and play a little Minecraft.  Whether testing your odds in survival, or building cities in creative, logging onto Minecraft allows you to escape reality for a couple hours.  Now you can enjoy the game even further with its own board game adaptation! Ravensburger, a German game and toy company, recently announced Minecraft: Builders and Biomes.

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The Gameplay

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In this tabletop edition of the popular game, players try to earn the most points by wandering through the Overworld, building structures, and mining resources.  They will each have their own boards and build structures to connect the forest, desert, mountain, and snowy tundra biomes.  

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The Overworld (Photo: Minecraft Wiki)

Nevertheless, mobs such as endermen and creepers will appear along the way.  Players defeat them by using the weapons they have collected from the board. Once the final layer of the resource cube is gone, scoring will commence.  The player with the most points wins!  

Minecraft: Builders and Biomes won’t be available to purchase on Amazon until November, but you can pre-order it.  

Even after 12 years since its release date, Minecraft remains extremely popular among kids, teens, and even some adults.  The game boasts over 112 monthly players. It doesn’t stop there, though. It’s popularity may expand with the new spinoff games that Microsoft is developing.  This includes the upcoming Minecraft: Dungeons.  

What do you think about this new game?  Will you be playing? Let us know in the comments! 

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