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Pull Bugs Out of Oogie Boogie with this New Board Game

Remember how nerve wracking Operation was? The wrong move and Bzzzt! I feel like this was the game that I first experienced anxiety with. Anyway if you really want to live through that again and you are a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas you can now pick up this Oogie Boogie version of Operation from Amazon.

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It was made for the 25th anniversary of the film and came out last year so if you can’t find it for a good price on Amazon you can try Ebay instead. It’s worth the price if you are a collector and even more so if you want to scare the pants off of some kids. Let them experience anxiety the way we did. It ranges from $25 on eBay to $50-ish on Amazon. It just depends on how you want to figure in the shipping.

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