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Where Will We See Tom Holland Next? What This Really Means for Spider-Man

With the newest hot debate over who is right and who is wrong Sony vs. Marvel over the beloved character in the MCU, we have had some time to think about what could happen Holland. To put it plainly he is a fan favorite. And not just for his work in the Spider-Man films but also because he’s just adorable. He loves dogs and can’t keep a secret to save his life.

The fact is Tom Holland is contracted with Sony for at least one more Spider-Man film from Sony. Following up the shocking ending of Far From Home and maybe even another one after that. So far the only thing that the new prospective Spider-Man movies may be missing going forward is Jon Watts, the director for the first two films. Watts was guided creatively by Feige and there may be a chance it will be hard to bring the director back on due to his close personal relationship with the Marvel Studio’s Head.

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It could mean that Sony just takes notes from the MCU films and finds another director for their future Spider-Man films. There are plenty of good directors out there that would probably jump at the chance to direct a Spider-Man film. The only downside to the solo movies without the MCU is that the chances for a random character encounter during the credits jumps to almost nothing.

Another theory going around all of this is that the press coming out of the “dispute” is invaluable. Yes I put that in quotations because some people believe that this whole thing is planned to get people angry. Pick sides and then about a week before the re-release of Spider-Man: Far From Home comes back out in theaters Marvel/Sony will mend the bridge with a miraculous solution that no one saw coming… Which would then get people excited and clamor to the theaters so that they could watch or re-watch the film that will be before the next Spider-Man MCU inclusive film.

But why would they do this to me? Is it because they know I can’t keep secrets?

Sony said to Deadline that this whole thing is because of Marvel acquiring the X-Men. Which is kind of crazy because they haven’t even said anything about rebooting that franchise at this point. The real reason was money. A 50/50 split would be devastating for Sony. They are a large company sure and they do well with the movies they put out, but losing that Spider-Man movie money would be a huge loss for them. Especially since Disney/Marvel make all the money off of merchandising. It would seem fair to go the route they offered in the first place of the 5% of first dollar and then keeping all the money from merch. I mean, think of how much merch they sell in any given day at Disneyland. Really.

Of course this could mean the end of Spidey in the MCU, and if it does the next theory is that Disney is going to scoop up the actor for themselves. Not long ago wegotthiscovered broke the news that Tom Holland was being eyed for Milo in the Atlantis live action reboot. After that we heard that Tessa Thompson was being looked at for Kida. But until now we all wondered how on Earth Tom Holland would ever have the time to film something that wasn’t Spider-Man for the foreseeable future. This would be a good natural out for him where he wouldn’t have to break a contract. Just see the next movie through and gracefully exit into another contract, only this time with Disney/Marvel.

Especially because Tom Holland unfollowed Sony on Instagram… What do you think that could mean?

Tom Holland will keep acting and we will keep on loving him. So if you were worried about never seeing him again in the MCU, valid point. But should you boycott a Sony movie with him in it? Absolutely not! Unless Tom tells us to. Then #SaveSpidey all you want.

What do you think is going to happen when all is said and done? Tell us in the comments what you think!

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