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New Joy-Con Colors Coming Out This October

Need something else to look forward to for the spooky month of October? How about this? New Joy-Con colors for your Nintendo Switch!

The two new Joy-Con sets coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year are: the Neon Purple and Orange Joy-Cons, and Blue and Neon Yellow Joy-Cons. Both will be released on October 4 for the not so cheap price of $79.99.

These two colors schemes are an addition to an already varied selection. Nintendo periodically releases Joy-Con colors with a theme, such as the Neon Pink and Green Joy-Cons for Splatoon 2, and bright Red Joy-Cons for Super Mario Odyssey. But in this case, Nintendo releases fun, new colors so players just for customization. Some Joy-Cons however, are exclusive to a Switch Console and are not sold separately.

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In addition to those two they also have a neon green pair of controllers that you can pick up by clicking here.

What Joy-Con colors would you like to see in the future? What do you think of these two schemes that are releasing in October? Let us know in the comments!

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