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Wiki Releases Over 83,500 Vintage Patterns for Download

Attention all cosplayers!’s Fashion page has just released over 83,500 patterns for you to view! This means that you can now accurately portray your favorite people from history without resorting to a generic costume from Joanns.

Even if you make your own patterns something that people do everywhere is search google for the right type of pattern for ideas. Now you have the original thing to eyeball while drawing out your creation on paper. If you don’t have any paper at home you can also try using the back of wrapping paper.

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If you click these links, you can see patterns from the following decades: 1920s1930s1940s1950s1960s1970s, and 1980s.

Just check out these Bellbottoms!

So if you only ever see me wearing a variation of these pants now, you know why. The trick with it is, it appears to just be links to the covers of the patterns which only show a small portion of what you will need to make them. But it does also link to pages where people have made them or have a blog full of tips and tricks of their own.

It also links to places you can buy the pattern like this Etsy listing for the Star Wars costumes on the cover image.

Or this one for E.T.

Or this terrifying Pikachu.

What is your favorite decade for fashion? Tell us in the comments what you want to make!

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