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Netflix Renews Big Mouth For Three More Seasons

Growing up can really suck. Especially, that dreaded time period known as puberty. Luckily, we have a series that allows us to see the humor in those often embarrassing memories from our past. And it looks like we will have a lot more laughs to look forward. Netflix has officially renewed Big Mouth for three more seasons after season three.

Big Mouth is an animated series inspired by creators Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg’s childhoods. The series focuses on a group of friends going through the often embarrassing ups and downs of puberty. Along the way, the kids are given advice (for better or worse) and altered by their hormone monsters. It’s a show about coming of age, exploring one’s sexuality, and discovering who you really are. As Mike Moon, head of adult animation at Netflix puts it, Big Mouth brilliantly captures the most awkward phase in a person’s life, puberty, in a hilarious yet heartwarming way.”

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At least your friends can relate to the pains of growing up

This official renewal means the series is guaranteed to run for at least six seasons. The newest season, season three, is set to premiere sometime in Fall 2019. Creators Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett had this to say in regards to the renewal:

“Netflix has given us the best creative experience imaginable, and we’ve been able to build an amazing community of talented writers, actors, producers and artists. We’re thrilled to be continuing with everyone for year’s to come.”

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Growing up means coping with extreme mood swings

So, we can all look forward to Big Mouth making us laugh about the most uncomfortable parts of growing up for years to come. Whether you enjoy the portrayals of awkward teenagers like Nick and Andrew, or watch for the craziness of the hormone monsters Maury and Connie, there is plenty of zany adventures on their way. Here’s to growing up all over again!

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