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Early Drawing of Venusaur Was Too Scary For “Detective Pikachu”

If you’ve already seen Detective Pikachu you probably walked away like most of us in awe. Because of how cute pretty much all the Pokemon looked like in real life. But there was one Pokemon that had to be toned down a little bit due to its horrific features.

RJ Palmer who was the who was the artist for the movie, and most known for his realistic drawings of Pokemon posted his version of Venusaur on the internet and it looks like something out of a horror movie. It’s quite funny to see the major changes that could of gone from the cute little Bulbasaurs to the scary looking Venusaur.

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And if you didn’t catch how the final Venusaur looked like in the movie don’t worry because it only appeared in the background. Much like Ready Player One there’s a lot to look at in such little time.

When Palmer was asked about his drawing in an interview he had this to say about it “Venusaur has always looked kinda menacing to me, especially when you realize it’s canon height is 6’7″,” he said. “I wanted to explore the scale and how potentially unsettling a thing that tall and wide would be should it actually exist in our world”

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