Josh Gad and Nicholas Hoult are in the Running for the Next Penguin

Recently it was revealed that the top in the running for the next Batman was Robert Pattinson. While that deal seems to be coming to a close we are now in the midst of a casting tornado. The next part rumored to be filled is that of the Penguin for Matt Reeves “The Batman”.

While not much is known about the script for the movie other than it is going to be a gritty detective noir film we do know thanks to that the main villains are going to be The Penguin, Catwoman, and The Riddler. They also put out an article that Josh Gad and Nicholas Hoult are the main two actors that are being eyed for the part of The Penguin.

I’m not sure if either are fit to play the part but I do know that I hope that the Penguin most resembles what Robin Lord Taylor brought to Oswald Cobblepot’s role in Gotham. I can’t think of anyone else I would most like to see in the role as well. It’s too bad that we can’t separate actors from television and movies so that he could be cast again in “The Batman”.

Josh Gad is hard for me because I mostly associate him with Olaf from Frozen. I know that he can play silly and carefree but can he play dark and twisted as well? Will we finally get to see him stretch his acting legs and have him blow us out of the water?

The other pick for the Penguin is interesting because he was originally the other choice in the running for Batman. Or at least that’s were the rumors had Nicholas Hoult. He was the other top choice other than Robert Pattinson and now it seems that he has moved over from the Dark Knight to an Antagonist position. The next thing we will get to see Hoult in on the big screen is Dark Phoenix which is going to premiere June 7th.

Who do you think would most fit the part of the Penguin? Tell us in the comments!

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