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Hasbro Releasing ‘The Lion King’ Monopoly… and it Plays Music

Excited with the new ‘The Lion King’ remake coming out this year? Well get ready for all the merch that comes with it. Including this awesome Monopoly collectors set.
(Don’t worry, it’s based on the original Disney movie, for those of you not excited with the remake)
Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the original motion picture, Hasbro has paid fine attention to detail in order to create a beautiful version of Monopoly based on ‘The Lion King’.

the lion king monopoly box inside

Upon opening, you are taken right back to 1994, when many of us first saw this film.

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the lion king monopoly game board
Many locations will be moments of the movie as well as landmarks. Following Simba’s journey.
the lion king monopoly tokens
Play on of six major characters.
the lion king property cards
All artwork seen on cards and on the board is conceptual and developmental art straight from the Disney Animation Library.

There will be some changes from the traditional version of monopoly, so you will be getting a unique experience in more ways than one.

the lion king monopoly destiny cards
Destiny cards will recall a scene from the film
pumbaa lion king monopoly hotel houses
Adorable beetles and grubs will replace the houses and hotels.
zazu rafiki lion king monopoly
Instead of Utility spaces, you get Advisors.
pride rock monopoly lion king
Pride Rock hold the cards and will play the opening song when you push the button

Monopoly’s “The Lion King” Edition will be available Monday, April 22 at Walmart for $39.99 for ages eight and up. It will be available at other retailers in June.

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