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Remembering Chester on What Would Have Been His 43rd Birthday

Think of a musical artist you knew growing up. How excited you were to see and hear what their next album would bring to the table. Spending countless hours diving in and trying to get to know them on a personal level. Staying up late and watching interviews, not to mention traveling countless miles and spending money to see them live in a venue. Now imagine your idol that you lived up to, who saw you through every emotional breakdown, who you felt personally through their lyrics, were gone forever.

My world crashed when I heard that Chester bennington had passed away. It’s hard to imagine someone who literally made my Jr. High and High School days bearable is gone now. It’s the one thing my husband and I shared in common. Except for him, Chester and Linkin Park was life.

Chester’s birthday just recently passed on March 20th. This talented singer would have been turning 43 this year. And in remembrance of this great singer Linkin Park’s twitter posted Happy Birthday to the belated singer.

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Chester died by commiting suicide by hanging in July of 2017. He was loved for his extremely talented singing and lyric writing. He got many of us through hard times and he will continue to through his music.

It’s hard to put into words just what this guy means to me. He was my voice when I had none.

Chester Happy belated birthday. You will live forever. And will undoubtedly be missed forever. Rest in Paradise my friend.

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